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Post-apocalyptic Story - Title TBD


       It was already difficult enough to keep count of each strike from Jim’s powerful hands landing on Eve’s athletically firm backside, but today was especially difficult as her mind was awash with memories of the last six months.

                “Fifteen,” Eve counted aloud as per their rule. “Sixteen [smack], seventeen [smack], ei..eighteen, Sir,” Eve’s voice cracked as her body reacted on its own.

                “Careful, pet, you may lose count and we’ll have to start all over again,” Jim whispered into her ear with a sinister chuckle.  He took pity on her as he felt the warmth begin to radiate from her reddening cheeks & gave her three quick soft fwips of his fingers to her delicate mound.

                Eve couldn’t resist letting out a surprised gasp before diligently continuing her count, “Nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, Sir.”

                It was a game that they both enjoyed before the world went to hell & even now they tried their best to continue it when it was safe enough to make noise. They used spanking as a game to celebrate milestones and anniversaries.  Now it was used to celebrate survival, so they’ve renamed them to survival spankings.  When they first began, they didn’t expect to make it this far, so they celebrated the days & this has evolved into weeks.  She was thankful for the ever extending sessions, but worried about how’d she handle a year. Twenty-six was going to be rough enough at six months, but a full year meant Fifty-two!! 

       The last five strikes landed with a force that lifted Eve to her tippy toes while she was bent over the counter at the abandoned gas station they stopped at to scavenge for supplies. Eve’s mind went blank & she fought against the distracting sting in her cheeks to continue her count while Jim’s hand alternated sides to ensure an even coverage of red on his canvas. 

       As the last smack landed and the sound echoed across the linoleum floor & through the empty shelves, it was met by a heart-stopping thud on the back door.  Thankfully they’ve learned their lesson and made sure to clear the gas station and the nearby area of any threats & lock the doors before beginning their scene, but that never fully negates the danger.

       “Pants on, now!” Jim directed Eve, but she was already one step ahead of him, grabbing the waist of her jeans, underwear, and her gun from around her ankles in one deft move.  Once Jim saw that she was able to defend herself, he checked the back door to ensure it was still locked and in one piece. “We’re good back here, but this door won’t hold for long. Let’s get out of here while we still can.”

       “Well that’s an understatement,” Eve retorted as she looked through the giant glass windows on the front of the store & eyed the group of no less than 10 undead shuffling down the street toward their location.

                Despite the familiarity of the situation, Eve and Jim could feel their hearts pounding even more than during their play session as the danger approached.  They quickly gathered their gear & the few remaining supplies they were able to find & ran to their bicycles in front of the station. Wasting no time in pedaling away at full speed, they continued their journey North.

       “At least they’re the slow zombies. We’d be completely fucked if they were the fast ones Hollywood made up,” said Jim as he watched Eve try to sit on her bike before remembering how sensitive her butt cheeks were now. “Having some difficulty sitting down? Don’t worry, we’re close now to where I think we can hide out for a while.”

“First of all, fuck you! Secondly, I hope so… the scenery is beautiful out here, but it’s taken us weeks to get here even.”

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