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Post-apocalyptic Story – Title TBD


       “When is this shit going to end?? One variant after another. Seriously, why can’t people just wear a damn mask and get vaccinated already?” Eve’s blood was boiling as she watched the news about the latest Covid variant. She tried to contain herself until she learned about counties in Florida that had nearly half of the population currently infected.

                “What are you yelling about in there,” Jim yelled from the kitchen as his curiosity got the better of him.

                “I just want to go out and do things again! We’re only 30… we should be enjoying the fact we’re finally able to afford fun adventures, but we’re stuck inside hiding away from people. Hell, we haven’t even been to the swingers’ clubs in a couple years,” Eve vented to nobody in particular.

                “Ah,” Jim responded as he walked into the living room and placed a hand on Eve’s shoulder while standing behind the couch, “Is it the adventures, or the orgies you miss? Both are valid and you’re not alone.”

                Leaning her head back to look at her husband standing behind her, “Both! It’s too cold to go on hikes, anywhere fun indoors is too scary right now, and I just started getting comfortable at the club,” Eve said defeated. “I worked really hard to lose weight and get in better shape since this started & each time I think it looks like the end is in sight, we get fucked again.”

                “Don’t you mean, not fucked again?” Jim laughed to himself as he kissed her on the forehead. Eve huffed back at him as she turned her gaze back towards the TV.

                Eve’s frustrations were seemingly the norm for everyone as the next news segment was interviewing people on the street to get their take on the latest covid news.  She was right though, as the two of them had bought some gym equipment at the beginning of lockdown & converted their 2nd bedroom in their condo to a home gym. Between an exercise bike, a rowing machine, and some weights, there was just enough space left for a yoga mat to be laid out. At 30 years old, they both felt and looked healthier than they ever have.  At only 5’4”, Eve made sure to focus on exercises that would keep her athletic build lean, whereas Jim chose to work toward adding bulky muscles to his 6’1” frame. 

                Aside from their physical physique, they weren’t people you would ever think twice about if you passed them on the street. Both of them had brown hair, didn’t wear glasses, hazel eyes, didn’t care about clothing labels, and are quiet observers of life as opposed to most of their outspoken friend group.  Admittedly, Eve’s 34-C cup breasts stood out from her frame enough to catch attention on their own; however, this only fueled their secret fantasy life wherein they enjoyed watching their partner be intimate with others.

                Nobody in their everyday lives was aware of their involvement in the kink scenes as they were afraid of how their friends/family would react to the news. Sometimes it’s easier to just keep your mouth shut at Thanksgiving dinner, even though that was through Zoom the last two years now.  Eve worked in IT and had risen up through the ranks over the years to management, so she was lucky enough to work from home during the pandemic. Jim was equally lucky in being a structural engineer, so he only randomly had to go on-site to inspect the environment he needed to design plans for.  It’s safe to say that wearing pants had become largely optional by this point.

                Knowing first hand the frustrations his wife was feeling, Jim placed a finger under her chin and brought her gaze back up to meet his before asking, “I know it’s cold outside, but we’re still on vacation until after New Year’s, so we don’t we go to the beach tomorrow? I know the ocean is your happy place.”

                Jim knew he had a winning idea when her frown relaxed and her eyes began begging in perfect accompaniment to her “Yes please, Sir?”

                “It’s settled then. I’m taking pet to the beach tomorrow.”


                There was something magical about being at the ocean to both of us. Jim was an Oregonian native who explored as much of the state as he could, while Eve’s memories were from going down to the Jersey shore with her friends in the summer.  The smell of the salt water growing stronger through the slightly cracked open car windows soothed their souls by bringing back their favorite memories.  I wonder what would’ve happened if we knew we were each thinking of the same night.

                Jim had booked a room at one of the hotels along the beach for her birthday, in June, back when they were still dating.  He had planned a full weekend of activities for her up and down the coast-line, including a private bonfire on the sand. The hotel took care of everything for them, so they got to relax on an oversized blanket under the stars with the fire keeping them warm against the chilly ocean breeze.

                Jim’s confidence was high, knowing Eve enjoyed all of her weekend, but there were still two more presents he had for her.  Eve’s response was immediate when Jim pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him.  While she was distracted by her new jewelry, Jim pulled out one more present and opened the box. Inside of the long rectangular box sat a metal chain necklace attached to a heart locket. Upon closer inspection though, the locket was actually a lock, requiring a small key to open it. Jim was just as nervous to ask Eve to be his submissive as he was in asking her to be his wife.  Eve’s response was equally as fast as she presented her neck for him to put it on her in the same fashion as he slid the ring on her finger.  Jim made sure to secure the key before they did anything else as this day collar is designed to stay on without it.

                They made love a couple times on the beach that night between taking breaks to have smores or champagne to celebrate their new engagement + agreement.


                “How aren’t your feet freezing? It’s the Oregon coast, in December, and you’re barefoot!?” Jim knew she would always be barefoot if given the opportunity, but it wasn’t exactly tourist season. The wind and 50 degree weather had kept the masses at bay this morning. There were a few people playing with their dogs in the distance with nobody at all in the direction they were headed.

                “Yeah, they’re pretty chilly, but A) eww, shoes. B) eww, sand in shoes. I’d rather enjoy my time feeling the sand between my toes. The cold sand encased Eve’s feet with each step and she didn’t mind it at all as the numbness spread.  It made her feel connected to her environment. The only thing that was truly distracting her thoughts was the wind when the gusts could be felt through her sweater and on her skin below.  Eve mostly gave up on wearing a bra anymore, unless work appropriateness forced her hand, so there was little material between the brisk morning and her upper body.  It took only a few short minutes once they arrived at the shoreline for her nipples to harden under her sweater.  The further they walked, the more they swelled around the metal bars through each of them, the more they called out for her attention. Each step would make her firm tits bounce and sway, making the nipples rub against the rougher material on the inside of her clothes.  By the time they were about a mile away from the parking lot, the metal running through her begin to match the temperature around them, making Eve feel the chill both inside and out. 

                Locking arms with Jim, she leaned into him while they continued their walk away from the few others on the beach, enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing.  They reached a point where they were far enough away from prying eyes, but still close enough to be seen if someone was to head in their direction.  Jim took the blanket that was draped over his shoulder & laid it out on the sand, doing his best to keep the sand off the top of it. It was a team effort to get it nicely in place before they sat down & pulled out a joint.

                The wind made it difficult for the lighter to properly ignite their flower, so Eve rose to her knees, faced Jim to block the wind with her body & lifted the front of her sweater, exposing her stomach to the air.   Sticking his head into the cave she created, he made quick work of lighting the joint before sitting back to enjoy their spoils.  Jim was sitting upright with his legs stretched out in front of him, so Eve turned around and sat down between his legs, leaning back into him to steal a bit of his body warmth.  Jim wrapped his free hand around her to keep her warm while they sat and peacefully watched the waves through the smoke rising off their slowly burning weed. 

                The two sat there enjoying their view, joking about nothing in particular, as they settled into their high.  The brisk air kept them present, making their fingers sting whenever they weren’t in their pockets.  As they neared the end of their joint, Jim told Eve that she could finish it off, and he placed both of his hands on Eve’s stomach under her sweater, eliciting a shiver from her.  Eve knew where he was going next so she took another hit before his hands moved up her torso to grab a boob in each hand.  Another gasp escaped from Eve as her sweater was lifted, exposing her stomach and tits at once to the breeze.  She leaned back into Jim, trying to hide from the cold as best she could while he began rolling her nipples between his thumbs & index fingers.  Pinching, flicking, pulling, then pressing flat as he caressed her entire boob, he played with nipples until they ached against their piercings. 

                When Eve finished their devil’s lettuce, Jim took it from her & disposed of it into the bag he had brought along with them.  He rummaged through his bag for a moment then moved a closed hand in front of Eve, facing downward. She placed her open hands under his as he dropped one of his favorite toys into her waiting hands.  It was a small silicone sliver with a bump at one end connected to the main part by a magnet. 

                “Would you like to play?” Jim whispered into her ear. 

                Eve turned her head to kiss his lips before responding with an mockingly innocent “Yes, Sir.”  She undid the button on the waist of her jeans then pulled down the fly so she could get their toy in the proper place.  She proceeded to remove the magnet connected bump from the main sliver then placed the larger part inside of her underwear, against her pussy. She parted her lips and made sure it was resting exactly where she wanted it before placing the small magnet piece on the outside of her panties, effectively holding the device in place.  Eve removed her hands from her pants and heard a button click in Jim’s hand, spurring the remote controlled device to life.  Even on the highest setting, the noise was negligible, so they often brought this toy with them on shopping trips, or to a movie theatre, and especially long car rides.  There were three primary vibration strength settings & a myriad of patters that Jim could cycle through via the remote in his hand or an app on their phones. 

                Starting with the lowest setting, Jim clicked it on and returned his hands to under Eve’s sweater.  This was exactly what they both needed right now: there was no world outside of this moment – the sound of the birds flying up and down the shoreline, the smell of the salt-water, the feeling of the sun trying to warm them in spite of the cold ocean air, and having the other to play with.  Eve loved it when Jim broke out the toys. He was like a child on Christmas morning every time he reached for one & lucky for her, she was his favorite toy of all.  He kissed her neck, whispered sweet nothings into her ear, slid his hands across her chest and proceeded to lower one to feel the buzzing through her clothes.

                “You know, my pet, I’m glad you’re clearly enjoying yourself” he said as her hips wiggled ever so slightly between his legs, “but I’m not seeing any challenge to your current predicament & what fun is an orgasm that you don’t earn it?” Eve’s mind snapped back to her Master’s voice and she tried to figure out what he was going to tell her to do first. “I’m fairly comfortable exactly where we are, but these pesky clothes of yours are in my way. Take this off,” he said as he tugged her sweater to indicate his intent.  Eve obediently sat forward, lifted her sweater over her head and placed it on the blanket next to them.  “Good girl,” he said, “but don’t sit back just yet.” Jim again rummaged in the bag for a second before pulling out a thin metal link chain with two rubber tipped clips on the ends.  He reached around her, attaching one clip to her left nipple then fed the chain around the back of her neck, under her hair, and clipped the other end to her right nipple.  The chain was just long enough to reach both nipples, but it was short enough to force them to be pulled up slightly when fed behind her neck. 

                The combination of the biting cold surrounding her and the sting the clamps added to her already tenderly swollen nipples made Eve forget about the soft buzzing in her pants.  Jim wanted her to feel the challenge of working toward her orgasm & he was getting exactly what he wanted.  Jim cycled through the strength settings & vibration patterns of the toy with a well practiced knowledge of the toy’s modes. 

                His hands roamed her torso, frequently landing back at her chest to tease her nipples, add in random flicks to the clamps. Despite her desire, the pleasure within her rose slowly as it fought against her other senses.  The heat would spread through her, radiating from within, hips grinding against the intruder in her panties and her back arching against her lover sitting behind her, when WHAM, a gust of wind would freeze her and the shivers took her back a few steps. 

                It took a few rounds of building up and crashing back down before the pleasure was starting to dwarf the pain. They started to bleed together into one indecipherable experience of sensations. She felt herself approaching the precipice of her desire, each tingle of her nerves only driving her closer.

                Jim placed the both clamps in his hands & released them at the same time, causing blood to surge back into Eve’s nipples.

                It was an exquisite shock to her entire system as her mind’s focus went solely to her chest. There was a sting from the change in pressure & temperature that was accompanied by a shocked gasp.  The dopamine from the release of the clamp’s tight grip hit her brain as Jim whispered “cum for me,” into her ear.

                Eve’s body that had tensed tightly at the shock of the clamps coming off collapsed back into Jim’s as she  felt the first wave of her orgasm crash over her.  Her abdomen undulated as her core muscles convulsed. Her legs closed tightly, trying to hold the vibrating bullet exactly where it needed to be.  She watched the waves of the ocean crash repeatedly against the beach in front of her as the waves of pleasure inside her had a matching unendingness. Jim pressed another button and the toy rumbled to it’s full setting, eliciting a loud moan from Eve, as yet another orgasm built on the end of the first. 

                It felt like eternity to her brain, but in reality it was closer to a minute, before Eve’s body bean to calm and Jim turned off the toy.  She leaned back into Jim, turning her head to kiss him deeply. Her body and mind oblivious now to the cold.  Jim removed the device while they continued their kissing and then grabbed Eve’s sweater for her.  The sight of her clothes reminded her of her nudity and she swiftly sought out the warmth found within.

                As they collected themselves and their belongings, Jim noticed that Eve was shivering still, so he placed his jacket, still warmed from his own body heat, around her.  They walked down the beach in the opposite direction now, towards the increasing crowds of people near the tourist trap “Haystack rock.” They were in no rush to leave the beach, so they took their time enjoying just being there for a while until they had gotten their fill & walked back toward their car.

                When they got back to the parking lot right off the beach where they had left their car, Eve went toward the small restroom building as Jim went to the car.

                “What the hell is he doing?” Eve had noticed the old man in front of the door to the men’s restroom when she exited the women’s. He was just standing there staring at the door the whole time it took her to walk to the car and point him out to Jim. “It’s pretty early in the day to be drunk.”

                “I bet he’s just really stoned,” Jim said before hitting his own vape. He rolled down the window and shouted “Been there buddy, enjoy the ride!” This was enough to catch his attention as he turned toward the car and began walking slowly toward them.  “Time to go home.” Jim started the car and left the parking lot while Eve watched the old man shrink out the back window as they drove away.

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