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Post-Apocalyptic Story - Title TBD


            There’s not much reception between the beach and the Portland suburbs, so there was no distraction from Eve and Jim’s car karaoke and flirtatious touching of one another’s arms or legs. As they got closer to civilization from farmland, the number of drivers on the road increased, as is normal. There were three driving that flew up on him from behind. It was still a one lane road, but they flashed their lights and honked their horn immediately upon reaching their car. There was nowhere for Jim to pull off, so he sped up as much as he felt comfortable in the small town he was passing through. As soon as on-coming traffic provided a large enough gap, all three cars jumped around them, nearly missing the front of their car as they came back to their lane. 

                Jim instinctively threw his arm across Eve as he had to slam on the brake to avoid the accident. Lucky for Jim, Eve’s boob landed perfectly into the cup of his hand. Eve’s hands flew to her chest and held his arm against her body as she felt him squeeze her tit.  It was when he pinched her nipple that she knew he was OK. “I guess boobs make everything better, huh?” He gave her another full boob squeeze while he laughed and returned his focus on the road.

                Eve figured he’d need a minute to center himself, so she pulled out her phone, knowing they were back in reception range.  TikTok was her guilty pleasure. She resisted joining for years, but finally gave in when her best friend kept sending her the most hilarious clips. Bit by bit her resistance was chipped away until she dove in headfirst.

                When she opened the app, she was happy to see her inbox had gone crazy. Her bestie, [RENAME] had sent her dozens of clips this morning and screenfuls of messages. The rest of the drive home was increasingly dangerous and stressful.  Each new video and message made Eve’s heart drop further. It was clear what was happening…


            We never learned the truth of what started it, but it came out of nowhere & was everywhere at once. Seeing the videos about immediately on social media had to be the best part of living in a world after 2012: everyone was accustomed to zombies, so we didn’t look for pointless facts before trying to prepare for survival. Still, too many people made stupid mistakes in the first few days. They passed a grocery store near their home and watched cars slam into each other in the parking lot as people ran in and out of the store, carts full of unbagged goods. Cars were running red lights and jumping curbs to avoid stopping, causing more accidents along the way.

            The first few videos were saying it looked like bath salts because of how people were acting erratic and attacking everyone who came close.  As the sheer volume of videos exploded all over the country, we all realized it couldn’t be a bad batch of drugs that affected this many people. Something was off about these Bath-salt highs. Those are usually loud and fast moving and has some modicum of intelligence to their speech, but these… I guess “people” were slow and acting like they forgot how to do basic things. Just like the old man who was staring at the bathroom door.


                As soon as they got home, they were ready to act on the plan they devised during the remaining few minutes before they got home.  They lived in a 2 bedroom condo, on the 3rd/top floor of their building, which had a staircase/hallway between them and units directly across from them and a matching set to their side, making 4 units per floor.  There were garages one side of the building, facing onto a small parking lot. The other side of the staircase lead to a walkway behind the building, enclosed by a brick wall & a thicket of trees.

  1. Back car into garage halfway so the front seats are easily accessed.

  2. Eve to load the Subaru with spare cases of water and non-perishable food. Whatever is in the garage that could keep.

  3. Jim to move the two large dumpsters on the side of the parking lot to block the stairwell/hallway on each side.

  4. Bring hiking bags upstairs and pack go-bags of essentials.

  5. Grab your weapon.

  6. Check on the neighbors (inside the safety perimeter).

  7. Prepare defenses.

  8. Wait out the initial couple days of the apocalypse.

            They made quick work of their tasks and found themselves knocking on the neighbors’ doors sooner than they expected.  Jim took the lead and did the knocking, armed with a heavy bar from his weight-lifting equipment, prepared to swing it like a bat.  Eve was ready on each knock to back him from a few feet back, holding a 9MM handful they’d take to the range once or twice a year.  She was hands down the better shot of them, so Jim breathed easy knowing his precious pet would protect him as well.

            The universe must have favorites because nobody was home.  They did leave a note with their number, but not location, on all the doors, including their own to throw off anybody who wanted to find them, just in case anybody else makes it home… mid-day on a Thursday… In the suburbs of a moderately sized city… as number of screeching sirens began to surround them.

            “Hey, Sir,” Eve chirped up as they were rummaging through the recycling dumpster for empty cans they were stringing together as an old-school security system, “I have an idea.”

            “I hope it starts with a shower,” Jim responded from inside the dumpster, handing her another can. He could feel the weight of the stench surrounding him, inspiring him to throw all the trash into a half-circle outside of the dumpster. “If these things hunt by smell, this should blind them. My eyes are definitely watering.” He figured if nothing else, it’ll make it harder for the creatures to get to them if they fall into the dumpster first & then climb out without the trash boosting them.

            “Good news, for me, it does. I was thinking though that when we’re done with everything, we make those steaks we got while at the store yesterday? Don’t know how long power will stay on if this is for real, so I say we enjoy ourselves while we can.”

            “I absolutely love that idea! I think it best if we skip the wine though.”

------------------------------------------------Chapter Break Line------------------------------------------------

            When they finished preparing their defenses, Jim went to take his much needed shower while Eve started making dinner and trying to reach any of her friends or family on the phone.  The network must have been overloaded as all calls gave error messages.  Texts were never responded to, so we weren’t sure they were getting through.  Surprisingly, social media stayed active so far, but it seemed like it was getting slower to respond… We were all wondering how long it’d be before they crash.  Eve was receiving a few messages from [RENAME] and they tried their best to share their plans for survival. They had met while working at a national park in the middle of nowhere & both planned to head back that way.  Montana and Wyoming are so sparsely populated that they knew it was their best bet. Neither of them lived there anymore, so they shared their route with each other & hoped to run into each other again.

            Jim thought it smart to enjoy his shower a bit longer than usual, considering he didn’t know if he’d even get a chance at another, so he made sure to shave and wash his hair and everything else he could think of that he usually skips during his quick morning showers.  He was thankful for the tasks to help distract from the pervasive thoughts: ‘How were they going to get out of where they are? Can I keep Eve safe? Can I survive this?’

            Jim’s eyes caught Eve’s as he walked between the bathroom and their bedroom, his towel tied tightly around his waist. She was failing the fight to hold back the tears from the fear. “What’s wrong my dear? Besides,” he paused not knowing how to phrase his thoughts, “everything” he gestured toward the window overlooking the still quiet parking lot.

            “I’m worried about [RENAME], but she’s strong and she’s got a good guy by her side. I know they’ll make it to the park.”

            “And so will we.” Jim’s arms made Eve feel small as they embraced in the kitchen. She felt the heat from his shower against her check pressed against his chest. The smell of his shaving cream gave her a sense of familiarity amongst the storm of her mind & she melted into him.  They held onto the other as if their sanity depended upon it.

            As is always the case, it all starts so innocent… a hug turns into rubbing each others backs… which turns into squeezing of a butt cheek… then a kiss on the lips somehow turns into nibling of an ear lobe & before you know it, a towel falls and someone ends up standing naked in the kitchen.

            Jim’s attention remained on Eve’s neck for the moment. He knew how much she loved his attention here, as evidenced by the whimper she let out when he began sucking on her skin.  “I think we can forego the rule against visible bruises now,” Eve laughed into Jim’s ear,” I don’t think I’ll be going back to work on Monday.”  Laughing at her own joke broke the block holding Eve back and her own hands begam to roam with intent.  She caressed his butt with one hand while the other slid up his back. 

            Jim’s cock started to make itself known to Eve as the blood began to add the pressure it applied against her body. Eve was still being held tight in Jim’s much more powerful arms, but her hand that was previously grazing his backside covertly changed sides of his body to grip his shaft. Firmly in hand, she pointed it up so it was now against her abdomen.  Each stroke brought more life into it, making it rigid.  As Eve held him against her stomach, she began to picture just how much he must fill her up.  He already dwarfed her when standing still, but stroking his member had Eve’s hands moving, seemingly, up her entire torse from waist to tit.

            Eve knew of course that it was her mind playing tricks on her, but Jim’s cock was truly a Goldilocks cock for Eve.  He was only 6” long, so he could fill her length without beating up her cervix each time they fucked, but the girth… again, not too big, not too small… it made her feel the pleasure of being stretched when he entered her without being too much or needing excessive foreplay to be relaxed enough.  Her favorite part though was his curve. Yeah, most penises have some degree of curve one way or another, but Jim’s cock had a slow upward curve, starting at mid-shaft, that allowed the head to push against the ridges of her g-spot when they screwed facing each other.

            Jim let out a whimper of his own, signaling to Eve that it was time to strike. She moved her hand from Jim’s back to his chest to push back from him and look into his eyes.  She made a few overly exaggerated eye movements between his gaze and the cock pressed between them and asked, “May I, Sir?” Eve licked her top lip then bit the corner of her bottom lip while waiting for Jim to give her permission to go down on him. 

            “Of course, my dear, and you were very good to ask first.” Jim kissed Eve deeply once more, their tongues play fighting, before relaxing his long embrace.

            Eve first turned off the stovetop that was warming to prepare dinner, then lead Jim by the hand out of the kitchen and into the adjoining dining room.  Jim turned one of the chairs 90 degrees from under the table & sat down while Eve lowered herself between his legs.  Eve was only wearing an oversized hoodie and a pair of panties since cleaning up earlier, so she was almost as naked as Jim when she pulled it over her head and threw it over a nearby chair.  Kneeling now in only a pair of her underwear, she used the scrunchie on her wrist to pull her hair back into a quick ponytail. 

            She always aimed to please, but teasing was Eve’s favorite form of foreplay.  She loved to work people up into a frenzy of lust. She wanted to feel their need to take her overcome their self-control. Whatever “bratty” behavior was always done with this desire in the back of her mind.  True to style, she was determined to clear Jim’s mind of anything else but her mouth.

            She lowered herself closer to Jim and admired his recent manscaping. His member seemed larger than usual as her tongue peeked out of her lips, slowly tracing up the underside of the shaft held aloft by Eve’s fingers in a ring around his base. After a repeating herself along the sides, she started to encircle the head of his cock with her tongue before tracing her tongue down another section.  Jim’s hips started to shift slightly each time she neared the tip.  Eve parted her lips and allowed the entire head to slide into her mouth, allowing her tongue to roll in quickly changing directions.  Of course, Eve wasn’t done teasing him just yet.  Eve back off slightly, allowing him to drop out of her mouth and popped him back in, again just the head, slowly rolling her tongue in all directions again. Off and on once more, but slightly lower this time, causing Jim’s hips to instinctively rise, hoping to go further, to which Eve only backed off once more.  Now she had him.

            Eve lowered herself once more around Jim’s penis, but this time, she never fully closed her lips around him. Remaining barely open, they could feel one another barely grazing the skin. The only exception was Eve’s tongue pressing firmly against the underside of his shaft.  The depth she held ensured Jim felt the heat of her breath surround him and perfectly lined up the ball on her tongue piercing with the frenulum.  That one spot connecting on the underside of the head to the rest of the shaft is a spot that usually elicits a response from most penis owners.  Up and down, over, and over, focusing her efforts on barely allowing her lips to touch him and use her whole tongue to play with him everywhere it could reach.  Again, Jim’s body signaled he was getting impatient, so Eve increased her tempo.  Eve looked up at Jim’s face at the perfect moment to see his head fall back with a frustrated whimper. Eve closed her lips around the skin on his shaft & sucked the air out of her mouth. Her tempo and tongue never altered their routine, forcing a satisfied moan out of Jim. Still looking at Jim’s face, she saw a smile take root. Now it was time to get to work.

                Eve’s skillful bobbing slowly took more and more of Jim into her mouth until she took the majority on each repetition.  Collecting his thoughts as he became accustomed to Eve’s consistent movements, he looked down toward her, ponytail bouncing in pace with his pleasure and lamented on how lucky he was. After all these years together, her passion to pleasing him has never wavered.  She’s learned all the things he likes most & knew how to play him like a fiddle. As a general rule, his sexual endurance was notable… foreplay included, most of their vanilla sessions lasted 30-45 minutes, but it was clear that she was on a mission tonight. 

                A few minutes later, Eve gave Jim another signal of consent when their eyes met.  She took Jim’s hand, entwining their fingers and squeezed a twice.  Jim wasn’t entirely sure which way he wanted to go at the moment.  On one hand, the warm, wet, well trained mouth consuming him felt like home, but the alternative option would likely be leading to intercourse next… The night’s young… we can wait…

                Jim let go of Eve’s fingers & moved his hand to Eve’s head. Until Eve signals him, the rule is that she is in charge of the blowjob; however, after the signal, he is.  Since it may be hard to use a safe-word, they use snapping of fingers. 

                His fingers grazed over his pet’s hair as he matched her movements.  Using both hands to move the ponytail into position, he grabbed the base firmly in his right hand and lowered her slightly lower than she had been stopping.  Each stroke brought more of him against the back of her throat. Eve found it was easier to turn over pacing control to deepthroat since it allows her to focus on relaxing & breathing. Jim felt Eve’s head give over control to his hand & he again moved her ever lower, bit by bit. Soon the entirety of Jim’s cock was being engulfed.

                It wasn’t long before Jim’s body began randomly tensing.  Eve could feel his blood pulsing into his dick, making it even more firm, as he slid over her lips. Jim increased the pace as he neared his peak. The oh-so-beloved “I’m going to cum” was music to Eve’s ears. Quickly thereafter, Eve’s head was held in place all the way down, her nose touching Jim’s pelvis.  The pressure surged up through’s whole crotch, reaching a crescendo of his muscles spasming to shoot his load directly down Eve’s inviting throat.

                His body twitched a few times before he released his grip on Eve’s ponytail. She raised herself off Jim, slowly, trying her best to make sure she doesn’t leave a mess. Eve caught her breathe for a moment and stretched for a moment before Jim took her by the hand and guided her to her feet. She leaned in for a kiss, which he returned with a, still out of breath, enthusiasm that made her praise kink happy.

                Standing up from his chair, Jim looked down at Eve and asked, “Is pet ready for her turn?”

                “Yes, please, Sir!” Eve bounced playfully.

                Without skipping a beat, Jim lifted Eve on one of her little bounces, spun her toward the table, and sat her on the edge, legs dangling.  He pulled her head toward his so he could continue to kiss her. Their tongues dancing about.  His other hand trailed down her chest to play with her breasts and piercings only quickly before covering her pussy with his whole hand.  Applying a firm all over pressure in little circles to her vulva, he leaned into her ear and whispered “You’ve been such a good girl today. Never lost your cool, never lost your focus, and rising up to overcome every new challenge like you always do. Now lay back.”  Jim turned the chair back towards the table and sat down in front of Eve’s spread legs.

            Jim immensely enjoyed every opportunity he got to go down on Eve, so he was never in a rush. His patience was unlike Eve’s desire to tease and instead fueled by a desire to savor his meal.  He lifted her legs over his shoulders & began kissing down the inside of her thigh to where it met her body, then changed to the other side and repeated.  He used his whole hand still to cover her vulva and gently apply pressure everywhere in circles. Jim was intoxicated by her scent and needed to taste her.  He slid his arms under and back around her legs, giving his head a clear path for descent.  Using two fingers, he ever so slightly parted her lips while placing the tip of his tongue at the bottom of her slit. He laid his tongue flat against her as the outer lips separated more under the pressure of Jim’s tongue, exposing the secret of how wet she knew she already was. Jim took multiple long deliberately slow licks from bottom to top, making sure to slow down ever more near the top and wiggle about in every direction. 

            Eve was happy to lay back and be a pre-dinner snack for her Master.  He was completely immersed into her pussy in a way that she’d only ever sees elsewhere in him when he’s lost in his video games. He told her once that he treated going down on her like a role playing game: There’s a main quest that we know generally which way to go to win the game, but there’s all kinds of side quests if you pay attention to the signs & he likes to explore his options while earning experience points.  Whatever logic he needed, it worked. 

            Jim’s tongue pushed deeper past her lips and into nirvana. Her taste was sweet as his tongue slid with ease, up and down, center left and right, diving to experience more of her.  He clit was too easy of a target to miss thanks to the small curved barbell through her hood. Jim would love to roll that barbell back and forth & in circles under his tongue. He knew Eve’s buttons too, but he wasn’t ready to accelerate the game that far just yet.  Well, maybe for a minute…

            His right hand slid back from around Eve’s leg and began to slide between her lips along with Jim’s tongue.  Eve felt the finger almost disappear into the fell of Jim’s tongue as it lubricated. Eve was starting to roll her hips forward by now & Jim knew this to mean she wanted two things: firmer pressure on her clit and something inside of her.  He slid his one finger into her without resistance in a smooth motion while his tongue continue up her slit, landing on her clit with a flick, finally changing Eve’s mewling to an audible moan.

            Not wanting to spoil her too much too fast, Jim slowed his tongue movements to a crawl.  He focused them entirely on her clit & ring, but they were slower and teased her with each change of direction.  This wasn’t a rest for Eve though. The velvety lining welcomed him as Jim could feel her heart pounding through the walls squeezing the intruder.  Jim flexed his finger and moved in small motions, searching for his next side quest. When he found the slightly rougher ridges toward the top of her canal, Eve’s body reflexively tightened to let him know he’s found his target.  The tongue on her clit remained slow and firm while the finger inside of her increased in pressure, rubbing in all directions while his finger slid gently in and out. Jim’s 2nd finger joined his first to stretch her opening and add yet another sensation to fill her mind.  Both fingers now got into a steady grove on her g-spot now, causing the moans to get louder and her hips were starting to rise off the table toward Jim’s eager mouth.

            Eve’s hands moved to her chest and took a boob into each of her hands.  Jim was driving her nuts right now & she knew how to help push herself over the edge – pierced nipples were amazing for that quick push when you need it.

            Jim used his free hand to smack away one of Eve’s from her tit.  She looked down at him to see his eyebrows furl into a serious expression as he let out a sort of “Hmph” grumble into her pussy.  He slowed the movements of both his tongue and finger until Eve lowered other hand to her side as well, letting out a defiant “Hmph” of her own.

            “Now you can put them behind your back until we’re done,” Jim instructed Eve, finally being encouraged to give his tongue a break.  Eve did as told and placed her hands behind her arched back and Jim went back to his mission.”

            Jim slowly picked back up his pace to a steady rhythm, Eve’s noises getting louder in tandem.  Jim had a random concern about her orgasm noises attracting zombies, but figured that’s a “later us” problem.  Jim used his free hand, now wrapped around Eve’s leg again, to rest above the top of her slit, then gently pulled back on her skin. This served the purpose of further exposing her sensitive nub & allowing him to quickly work her up before then backing off once more.

            Each time that Jim changed the pressure on Eve’s clit from pressing with his tongue to sucking it into his mouth, the further down the rabbit hole she fell.  She felt the overwhelming need to orgasm radiating out from her core. She could go over the ledge any time that she was permitted & they both knew it.

            “Please, Sir,” Eve whimpered.

            “’Please’, what?” he paused to respond.

            “May I please cum, Sir”

            “Yes, pet, enjoy yourself,” he smirked while returning his focus to her.

            Eve partially stifled her release as the damn holding back her release finally broke.  Her legs tightly wrapped around Jim’s head, holding it in place as the wave continued to crash upon her shores.  Similarly to how Jim gets to direct the ending to his oral pleasures, Eve gets the same rights in this arrangement.  Jim’s rule is that he doesn’t stop until she pushes him away.  The exception of course when they were doing forced orgasm play where Jim’s focus turns toward eliciting as many orgasms out of her as he could.

            Eve had enough for now, since she had also gotten attention that morning at the beach, so she removed her hands from behind her, sat up on the edge of the table, and lifted Jim’s face to hers for a kiss.  She couldn’t help but lay back down though as her body needed another minute to recover.

            Jim came to her for another kiss before telling her he’d be right back and walked toward the kitchen.  Jim filled a glass of water for each of them and placed hers on the table beside her.

            “Why don’t you take a shower and I’ll finish getting dinner ready,” Jim suggested to gleefully limp Eve.


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