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[Smut] My 1st Domme - My introduction to being a sub

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

**I came back into this post to edit it & reading it brought back a lot of fond memories. I've decided I'll be doing a series of our time together. I'll post quite a few stories into the blog, as there's plenty, but I'll save the best ones for another e-book I've already story-boarded.**

I come from a family of intellectuals who placed high standard on myself and my older brother & expected us to achieve the goals they set for us. I appreciate how hard they pushed me given I have multiple graduate degrees that have led to a nice career; however, I personally never wanted to “be the boss.” I want to be given a task and prove how well I can accomplish it.

If you’ve read my other writing, you’ve likely heard a little about my college Domme, who provided the closest I’ve had to what I truly desire in a long term relationship. She was from “old money” so she was able to provide a comfortable lifestyle for us. On the surface, we were two every day college students: going to class, countless hours studying in the library, joking with friends in the cafeteria, and so many other normal everyday things. What most didn’t see though was our dynamic outside of the mundane.

Jamie was your typical girl next door. Petite, blonde hair, blue eyes, and an ample bosom that didn’t quite match the rest of her trim athletic frame. Under the surface though, Jamie had a meticulously calculating side and enjoyed diving into people’s psyches to know what made them tick. We met because she was a TA for one of the psychology classes I was taking & I was one of those few students who actually took advantage of office hours to ensure I kept my high GPA (told you I’m an overachiever). We naturally clicked & by the next semester, I had moved in with her during the spring of my Sophomore year, which was the end of her Junior year (our university was on a quarter system vs. semesters).

Jamie was the first one to really expose me to my sub side. I had previously been playing the role of dominant, given it most closely fit the image the world had expected me to fill, despite feeling like I was needing something different too but didn't have a clue where to look. I quickly learned that I had a liking for restraints of all kinds. The more immobilized I was, the more content I became. It’s hard for me to “turn off my brain” but restraints help me enter a sub space mentally that quiets the chaos as I surrender control. Of course she had picked up on this and leaned into it. She also learned that I enjoy showing off my skills to overcome challenges and would give me tasks to accomplish. This wasn’t always sexual & in fact eventually lead to more of a domestic servitude arrangement & encouragement to do well with my studies.

Throughout the course of us living together, rules & expectations evolved. Some such examples were: on nights that my class schedule allowed, I was expected to have dinner waiting for her + meet her at the door with a glass of wine, while wearing whatever outfit she had left out for me (sometimes risqué, sometimes vanilla, sometimes gender-bent, sometimes nothing at all). I was expected to keep the apartment clean & to play the role of hostess whenever she had guests over. Despite doing the lion’s share of the domestic duties, I never felt like I was being taken advantage of, like I had felt too many times in other relationships of the past, as she would rain down praises and appreciation for my work. Random rewards for doing well, or punishments for failing to meet agreed upon expectations, only made me seek out that praise more and more. Our relationship was the same in the bedroom: she’d give me a task and then praise me for my success afterwards. This was before I had transitioned (yeah I’m a trans woman), so “good boy” became my two favorite words. This is 100% the root of my praise kink hahahahaha

I’d like to point out that humiliation was never a thing with us as it’s not something I’m comfortable with, but she would love to put me into compromising situations. I spent many nights with her in the library’s semi-private study rooms performing a myriad of sexual acts on her or her invited guests since she knew I had a fondness for exhibitionism & that most study rooms had a window of varying size looking out into the racks of books. I was often “loaned out” to her acquaintances knowing they’d be reporting back how well I followed instructions & group play became a norm for us. She relished in watching me tire out yet still try my best to please her by pleasing others. Boys, girls, everyone else on the spectrum, it didn’t matter to us. It was just another challenge for me to rise to.

At the root of all of this though was a compassion and fondness for ME. Her tasks were never meant to degrade or belittle me. She enjoyed making me happy and I enjoyed making her happy!

Sadly our relationship ended when she graduated & moved away to the other coast for a job opportunity she couldn't pass up. We lost touch over the years, but I know she's happily married now.

So what do I want?

I just want to be given the opportunity to impress you.

©2021 by Lady S.

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